Monday, July 12, 2010

How parents should treat their children

- an essay by Irina S., age 16

Having children and taking care of them is one thing but respecting their choices and accepting the way they are is another. That's why parents should know how to treat their children right and always be there for them no matter what, through the good and the bad!

In my research I found out that children and teens need attention from their parents and if they don't get that attention they start to get depressed. Depression is the main contributor to teenage suicide. These findings are from researchers at Kings College in London.

Teenagers chose to keep things inside instead of sharing them with their parents, because parents do not listen to what their children have to say, or do not give them the attention they need. Some parents are just too busy or they are not the type of parents that understand, so kids decide to keep things away from them. Teenagers need you, parents.

For example my mom and I are not that close. I can't really trust her with things. She'll think negative about me, judge me, and it will affect me in a bad way and I don't want that, so I decide to keep things away. This is how some teanagers get depressed and, as I said before, depression is the main the main contibutor to teenage suicide.

I think parents should listen to their kids more often and show their kids that they care about their problems. I would want to see kids trusting parents, that way kids will tell their parents a lot and will get great advice from their them. Kids should be comfortable and turn to parents instead of a buddy or the world!

Parents, please LISTEN UP! Learn to cooperate with your children listen to them, talk to them, see what they have to say and what's on their minds, give time to them. What if your children are going through a hard time and have no one to turn to and you may not know it? At least be there for them!!