Friday, October 30, 2009

Where I'm From

by Taya K., age 16

I am from a dream of animal crackers,
early mornings pigging out.

I am from late nights,
Movie night-outs with tea
Sneaking out
BBQ and pranks!

I am from peanut butter
energy drinks and Skittles
full tummies and couch potatoes!

I am from big family dinners
cracking jokes and
making fun of each other.

I am from California cousins,
swimming, reading funny poems.

I am from long walks with family
dressed in thick hoodies, scratchy hats,
colorful knee-highs.

I am from cozy sleepovers
with friends, dressed up crazy
and taking silly pictures.

I am from morning bagels
with strawberries on the side
and the cartoon show "Clifford."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Neighborhood

by Sveta Demenko, age 16
photo by Liliya Khylchuk

In my neighborhood, you'll see a lot of different people: Russian, Ukrainian, Asian, Mexican, American, and African American.

In my neighborhood, you will always see a lot of cars parked everywhere. A lot of them are old, rusty cars, but you can always spot out the nice, shiny, polished cars.

In my neighborhood you will see the sunrise every morning, and the moon almost every night.

In my neighborhood you will see lots of different houses and buildings. Most houses are really nice-looking: grass, trees trimmed. But you will never miss the dirty weeds all over the yards of the houses standing out there.

In my neighborhood, you will see every spring flowers blooming, and the sweet smell far up in your nose bringing you joy and a smile.

When fall comes, you will see all the leaves scattered on the ground, bringing colors to my neighborhood.

How I want others to see my community

by Sveta Demenko, age 16

I want my people seen as the ones who bring good examples to the world. The ones who are positive about everything even if it's not the best thing. Also, I want them to help each other out with anything, have each other's backs, so people would see us and want to do the same.

Also, I want my people to not just be positive about everything, but to do things that are fun and good for everyone like play sports, have parties. Not the ones where you get wasted, but show people you can have fun without putting poison in your body.

I am from

by Natasha Dumitrash, age 19

I am from a powerful lightning that shocks my world.
I am from popcorn and movies.
I am from midnight parties and disco.
I am from backups and pickups.
I am from the rainbow after rain.
I am from family and friends that wipe away my tears.
I am from dark chocolates and white roses.
I am from late night walks and romance confutation.
I am from beneath the water and higher than the clouds.
I am from randomness and uniqueness, especially out of nowhere.
I am from I do what I want, and don't stay in my way.
I am from freedom and fairness.
I am from somewhere where I would want to be forever.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am from sunny days and stormy nights

by Kristina Pleshakova

I am from...
sunny days and stormy nights
Russian foods and bar-b-q's
water balloons and hot beach guys
rock-n-roll and Christian rap
techno songs and disco nights
high inch heels and fishing rods
I am from...
A beautiful disaster with honest lies
broken promises and big regrets, but now sunshine rays with happy days
baby sis to big bro, love ya all from head to toe
I am from...
random laughs and crazy fights to pinky swears and teddy bears.
Purple shoes and pillow fights.
Having fun under the moonlight
holding hands and kissing cheeks
to whispering in ears and giggling under the oak trees
I am just me...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thoughts on how we want to be seen

by Yana Yukhimchuk, age 16
photo by Liliya Khylchuk

I want people to view the Slavic community as nice, generous, smart people, not obnoxious, mischievous cheaters. I want people to see us for the hard workers that we are. We are very creative, intellectual people.

There are a lot of habits that we brought to America from our home country. For example, farming, fixing cars, building construction, and our religion.

Back in Russia and Ukraine, we were raised in a culture where everyone built their own homes and most farmed, meaning they didn't have to waste much on food, because almost everything was home grown. This shows that we're hardworking people. Also, we are helpful because everyone was always helping each other out. We brought this lifestyle here with us.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I am from the oldest one

by Yana Korneychuk, age 15

I am from the oldest one
from spoiled and sour candy.
I am from the fast walker,
Grandma's house and the farm.
I am also from snow as hard as old candy.
I am from the adored one
and the first loved.
I am from “it's too dark!” at night,
from borscht, potatoes, and turkey.
I am from talking on the phone,
shopping, and making a mess in the living room.
I am from playing with dolls, strollers, and babies.
I am also from milk, love, and caring.
I am from the oldest one, spoiled, and sour candy!

I am from paper and color pencils

by Liliya Kharitonenko, age 15

I am from paper and color pencils,
From paint brushes and paint.
I am from the color purple.
I am from loved ones, family
Get togethers, and B-B-Q's,
From sleepovers and hanging out with friends.
I am from the delicious smell of baking cakes
My mom makes.
I am from swinging on swings,
and running outside.
From playing the flute.
I am from my home.
I am from the smell of Tommy Girl perfume,
From apples and carrots.
I am from staying at home, and sleeping in.
From the words art, swimming, and playing games.
I am from many things
That describe me.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


by Eugene Prodan, age 17

The prettiest name in the world is Eugene,
the big green smoking machine.

I am from pop up your collar and chill it.
My name is what everyone wants, and can't resist.

It's a hot flaming fireball,
that shoots around like a shooting star

my name is like a drug you must take,
and will always come back for more

my name is like a raven,
it has its own sound.

All you haters are just jealous
because your name don't have a sound.

All the girls scream Eugene Eugene!
Damn girl!
Go get your own dream.

Where I am From

by Aleksandr Bahmatov, age 15

I am from the ants and chickens.
I am from the kitchen smell and covered table.
I am from the house where there are big gates, an army truck and a big garage where two limos can fit.
I'm from a cherry tree where watermelons grow and berries ripen.
I'm from Grandpa and Grandma that went away when I was small.
I'm from the Christmas tree that stood in the soil.
I'm from the golden sun rays that brought us happiness and sadness.
I am from the family that will care about you and won't hurt you.
I'm from the family where religion was brought from the hard times.
I'm from a country called Uzbekistan.
I'm from the city Tashkent.
I'm from an apple tree.
I'm from the city school.
I'm from a street where rich people lived.
I'm from Shtanir that tried to help people.
I'm from a family where miracles happen.
I'm from from a big family.
I'm from University Hospital.
I'm from the word that my dad spoke out.
I'm from Yella songs.
I'm from the words," Где он."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am from chunky peanut butter, toe socks, and fleece blankets

by Yana Yukhimchuk, age 16
photo by Liliya Khylchuk

I am from tea
late nights with siblings
reminiscing of the good old days

I am from sarcasm and laughter
all-nighters and pj's
crazy pictures
and silly talks

I am from trouble
sneaking out,
getting caught
the mistakes made
the lessons learned

I am from Hallmark
birthday cards, Christmas cards
and a letter collection

I am from music
the not-scary thunderstorms
running in the rain
from board games

I am from the bookworms
toe socks and fleece blankets
chunky peanut butter and celery sticks
Jones soda, Hubba Bubba
and neverending hunger

I am from church
choir, youth groups,
prayers, worship

I am from blue like the ocean
from tulips
bright and unpredictable
I am from me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I am from the cherry tree

by L.G.

I am from the cherry tree by my house.
The girl who always has candy in her mouth.
The one who always hears, "Be quiet."
The one who always drags her teddy bear with her.
The one who always runs in the fields and gets a hand full of flowers.
I am from my old school, from my first ABC.
I am from the woods and river by my house that said goodbye.
I am from Ukraine, the place were my first steps were, but not the last ones.
I am from family, the one who always sings and smiles.

I Am From

by Gennadiy S., Age 19

I am from night walks
in city town
and park with benches
and theater

I am from Odessa
and Black Sea
with beach
and so many crowds on it

I'm from a mountain
and a river
and cow on land
and rabbits

I am from a house with a stove
and smoke from it
and Grandma with fresh bread
and plov and borscht

I am from loud people in the market
and joke-filled language
from Ukrainian habits

I am from a big yard
and many roses around it
from a small garden
with a swing
I am from a land
and small too-green trees on it
from a railroad
and train with a too-loud horn

I am from a street
with Va, my friend
from Shurik with a guitar
and a dog that sleeps the whole time

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am from people who love me

by L.P.G., Azbuka Academy high school student, age 16

I am from dusty streets
I am from a Christian family.
I am from the apple tree,
I am from America,
I am from an old private school,
and tired faces.
I am from church, and nimble kids.
I am from a pretty, big and comfortable house.
I am from swing sets, well used today.
I am from paper collections,
messages from friends, and
I am from good people who
helped me with problems.
I am from the best ever
that could be!

I Am From The Best

by D.B.K., Azbuka Academy student, age 17

I am from my unforgettable country Ukraine
I am from my huge house, big family, and old school with small windows.
I am from mean teachers and best friends
I am from good and bad moments
I am from God, heaven and church
I am from really loud and Christian music
I am from the bird sounds that used to wake me up in the morning
and from frog sounds that made me fall asleep at night.
I am from green, orange, red nature, blue sky, tall trees and grass.
I am from beautifully smelling purple lilac flowers
that grew in front of my house in Ukraine
I am from a river not too far from my house
where I used to spend entire summers swimming.
I am from sweet, big grapes, red strawberries, cherries and apples.
I am from hot coffee and white chocolate
I am from library books, stories, and poems
I am from text messages,
I am from all the good stuff you could think of!

I Am From

by a Portland high school student, age 14

I am from heavy snow,
dark nights,
deep forests with trees whose tops
you can't see.

I am from my Grandparents'
with small windows and small doors
I am from my school from the Ukraine,
I am from my dog from Ukraine,
big and strong.

I am from my 1st-4th grade classmates,
who I had fun with.

I am from large empty
lands filled with green
grass and nature, beauty.

I am from cold winters and
hot summers.

I am from deep heavy snow
where kids have fun every winter.

I am from old and bad
looking cars that always break.

I am from big houses down
on our street.

I am from a place where a lot of people would enjoy
living a part of their lives.

My Great Name

by Aleksandr Bakhmatov, age 15
photo by Liliya Khylchuk

My name is Aleksandr, which means "the defending man," and the origin of the name is Greek and Russian. I was born on Friday close to sundown. It was the beautiful November when the leaves were falling and so was the rain.

It was the month that was preparing to meet the freezing cold winter that was going to burn faces with the touch of the coldest snowflakes. The weather was nice outside, the gold sun rays were falling on to the busy streets. The leaves were falling down to the ground.

That was the day when I was born. That was the day when I saw the golden sun rays and the world in its beauty, that was the day when I saw my parents and that was the day when my dad called out my name. That was the day when I accepted my name to be mine.

Aleksandr: special, incredible, windy, sunny, rainy, gold, rich and popular. None of my ancestors have had a name as great and popular as mine.