Saturday, November 28, 2009

My neighborhood is a really nice place to live

by Azbuka Academy student V.Z.
art by Tanya P.

My neighborhood's a really nice place to live.

What's cool is by my house there is
a shop where you can see the best cars ever.
Body kits and doors open up really nice.

One thing I like is I have a pool table in
my hood where me and my friends always go
and play team against team.
Always after the game we have to fight each other
who wins the most and who loses.
And I have a small park in my hood where
we always go with friends and play cards
and soccer.

We love to play soccer, we are good at that sport,
it's a really good game to play
when you have nothing to do.

I really love my hood.
It's a really nice place to

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