Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Are From......

group poem by Gennadiy S., age 19, and Artem S., age 17

We are from the Hills of Minsk and Odessa
We were Communists and Democrats at the same time
Soviet Union is the country where we were made
We are from the country which had the great wars in the past

We are from the places where sunflower seeds are grown and we eat them
We are from the Soviet Union with hot seas and cold winters
We are from the Russian songs and dances

I remember school in Ukraine
I remember the foods in Ukraine
I remember nature in Ukraine

We are from the song "Kalinka Malinka Malinka Moya”
We are from the Hills of Communism
We are from the churches of Cupola, beautiful and amazing architecture
We are from Stalin's mean and ruthless leadership
We are from Pushkin's great poetry and life
A life that is good and full

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