Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Happy Ending

a story by Nina Yukymchuk, age 15

One rainy morning Alex woke up. He went downstairs. He was excited, singing a song while taking a shower. He then brushed his teeth, and dressed up for school. When he was by the door, his mom stopped him. She looked so pale. Her hair looked like a mess, she had black spots under her eyes. She said, “Hun, we're moving tomorrow.”

When he heard that, his heart started to beat fast. He fell down on his knees, begging her to stay. He said,“Mom, you can't do this to me. We can't move, I want to graduate here.”

He looked at her like she had stabbed him in the back with a knife. His mom looked at him. She looked so frustrated. Her voice was shaking. Quietly she said, “The baby.. it's a girl. You're going to be a big brother soon.”

He was so mad he raised his voice at her for being pregnant with her new boyfriend. They were getting married and moving to another state. Alex didn't want to move away. His life was perfect here. He dropped his backpack on the floor, went to his room and slammed the door shut.

The whole day passed and he was still sitting in his room locked. He was so confused. What would he tell his girlfriend? He loved her so much, he didn't want to break up.

Another hour passed. His mom was knocking on the door. “Alex, hun, are you going downstairs? I just made your favorite lunch.”

He didn't want to go downstairs. He thought that she was crazy for still talking to him after he yelled at her.

“I'll be there in a second.”

So his mom went downstairs.

He was sitting in his room thinking about what he should do. He got out of his bed, put the books that he was reading away.

He told his mom that he was really disappointed in her. But after that he came up to her and kissed her on the cheek and saying, “I am really happy to have a baby sister.”

She was sitting on a chair. She put her plate away, stood up and gave him a big hug. She was crying, so happy to hear that from him.

Inside he felt so sad he had to move. When he called his girlfriend, he told her that he is moving away, that he can't leave his mother alone until her wedding.

With anger his girlfriend slammed the phone to the ground and broke it. She put her coat, boots and hat on. She opened the door. The wind was blowing so hard that she almost fell to the ground.She got to her car and started to drive to his house.

When she came there, she didn't knock she just opened the door. She saw his mom in the kitchen. It smelled so delicious. His mom just made brownies. It was so warm in the house.

She said, “Hi, uhm.. Is Alex in his room?”

Alex's mom called from the kitchen,“Yes, he is I am sorry about the news.”

Alex's girlfriend smiled at her and went upstairs.

When she came to his room, she stopped. She threw her purse to the ground and walked closer to him. He threw his arms around her and kissed her.

The next day he helped his mom pack. His step dad picked them up and they moved. He didn't leave with them he told his mom that he will come to her wedding.

When his mom was driving away, he was standing by the house, waving them goodbye. Then he picked up his girlfriend. They drove to a restaurant. While driving, he told her what happened, and that he will never leave her. They came to the restaurant, ordered and he got something out of his pocket with a big smile. He looked worried, his hands were shaking.

He said, "Baby I love you. Will you marry me?"

With a smile she kissed him, "Yes, honey, I do want to marry you."

Both of them were sitting there, smiling from happiness. They were getting married.

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