Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life in Oregon through the eyes of Slavic youth

Tall buildings reaching the sky
People everywhere
The colors green, orange, and white

- by Tanya Popovich, age 15

Old roads
sitting in dirt
swimming in joy.

- by Luda Polyakova, age 17

And I can’t go on, I want to be with you.
Lights, the streets are gold.
Look out my window at the world below.

- by Evelina "Vilka" Dorochenko, age 19

city lights, and homeless bums
gangs riot for a last breath
other people tend to live the way they want to live

- by Natasha D. and Gennadiy T., age 17

You see many different buildings
There is one that stands out
My big white house, the newest and biggest.

- by Sveta D., age 17

Sunshine and showers raining down:
what can be better than the community of those
who are trying to reach that unreachable world?

- by Katie E., age 18

daily showers, fresh and clean
home sweet home
forever it will be.

- by Natasha Dumitrash, age 17

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