Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Remember

photograph by Victoria Kharitonenko
group poem by three Azbuka Academy students

I remember the world of joy and happiness in my childhood when I played in the sand with my friends.

I remember the white, puffy bunnies.
I remember my grandma babysitting me.

I remember my grandma who talks with a powerful, squeaky voice.

I remember the really cold winters with lots of snow and the frozen snowman right in front of my house.

I remember the first small white house we had.

I remember my town, full of rumors and truth.

I remember my dog barking with a strong, deep and scary voice.

I remember the soft noise of leaves, wind and river in a forest.

I remember teachers making us memorize few-pages-long poems and telling them in front of class.

I remember staying up until morning and getting my homework done.

I remember the first day I came to this school in 2008.

I remember my teacher who acted like an army sargeant.

I remember freezing to death last year in this school.

I remember the headaches in school from last year.

I remembermy old, boring and noisy school.

I remember things that I now think of as legends.

I remember the beautiful concert in which I played the big, black, grand piano.

I remember having trouble memorizing this poem!

1 comment:

  1. I remember my town, full of rumors and truth.

    I love this line, because it reveals the sameness of all small towns regardless of country or culture.