Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I want others to see...

by Y.K., age 15

I want others to see our Slavic Community as a nice and proper community. I would hate for others to see our community as druggies and as stupid people. I want to see my community as smart and caring people.

It's easy to tell that our community is turning into someone else, they don't want to keep their natural looks and languages, they want to be like someone else. They want to look like someone else.

Our community is hard to understand, because there are so many of us that are different, and most people when they see one Slavic person that has made a mistake, was rude or was smoking into peoples faces, they think that every Slavic person is like that. That's why some people say that Americans don't like Russians. Well, I wonder why? Because one person showed a bad image of our community. And then the rest of us have to suffer from the dislike and hate.

I want our community to change their ways, to be themselves and not try to be like someone else. If we showed the caring and smart people that we are and the true us, I bet that people would really enjoy our humor and really be amazed at how great we are.

Our Slavic community is changing, but our hearts aren't. That's why we need to show our kindness to others and to ourselves.

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