Tuesday, December 1, 2009


group poem by Cody, Dorina, and Viorel
photo by Victoria Kharitonenko

Special people in my life
who I protect with my knife.
In the late dark night
I see people in my eyes
people that aren't supposed to be there,
people who live their lives
unfair like killers
and drug users and rapists
and abusers.
I try to keep my loved ones from that
But you really can't control everyone like that.
Everyone's got their own mind.
But I still keep them in line.

My street is full of fights
All the people need to stop but
I need to make them stop
because that's what we do in life.
People laugh, people cry,
people need me in their life.
Now just open your eyes and see
that only I was there for you.
So please don't feel blue
because that's not for you.

Viorel is my name
army is my gang
No matter what
I will go in the armată
But one thing I really wanna do
is finish school and go in the army
stay there three years
then be a boss
so I can come home
when I want
and after the army
get a really good job
a dream job.

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