Friday, October 30, 2009

Where I'm From

by Taya K., age 16

I am from a dream of animal crackers,
early mornings pigging out.

I am from late nights,
Movie night-outs with tea
Sneaking out
BBQ and pranks!

I am from peanut butter
energy drinks and Skittles
full tummies and couch potatoes!

I am from big family dinners
cracking jokes and
making fun of each other.

I am from California cousins,
swimming, reading funny poems.

I am from long walks with family
dressed in thick hoodies, scratchy hats,
colorful knee-highs.

I am from cozy sleepovers
with friends, dressed up crazy
and taking silly pictures.

I am from morning bagels
with strawberries on the side
and the cartoon show "Clifford."

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