Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Am From The Best

by D.B.K., Azbuka Academy student, age 17

I am from my unforgettable country Ukraine
I am from my huge house, big family, and old school with small windows.
I am from mean teachers and best friends
I am from good and bad moments
I am from God, heaven and church
I am from really loud and Christian music
I am from the bird sounds that used to wake me up in the morning
and from frog sounds that made me fall asleep at night.
I am from green, orange, red nature, blue sky, tall trees and grass.
I am from beautifully smelling purple lilac flowers
that grew in front of my house in Ukraine
I am from a river not too far from my house
where I used to spend entire summers swimming.
I am from sweet, big grapes, red strawberries, cherries and apples.
I am from hot coffee and white chocolate
I am from library books, stories, and poems
I am from text messages,
I am from all the good stuff you could think of!

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