Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am from chunky peanut butter, toe socks, and fleece blankets

by Yana Yukhimchuk, age 16
photo by Liliya Khylchuk

I am from tea
late nights with siblings
reminiscing of the good old days

I am from sarcasm and laughter
all-nighters and pj's
crazy pictures
and silly talks

I am from trouble
sneaking out,
getting caught
the mistakes made
the lessons learned

I am from Hallmark
birthday cards, Christmas cards
and a letter collection

I am from music
the not-scary thunderstorms
running in the rain
from board games

I am from the bookworms
toe socks and fleece blankets
chunky peanut butter and celery sticks
Jones soda, Hubba Bubba
and neverending hunger

I am from church
choir, youth groups,
prayers, worship

I am from blue like the ocean
from tulips
bright and unpredictable
I am from me.

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