Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where I am From

by Aleksandr Bahmatov, age 15

I am from the ants and chickens.
I am from the kitchen smell and covered table.
I am from the house where there are big gates, an army truck and a big garage where two limos can fit.
I'm from a cherry tree where watermelons grow and berries ripen.
I'm from Grandpa and Grandma that went away when I was small.
I'm from the Christmas tree that stood in the soil.
I'm from the golden sun rays that brought us happiness and sadness.
I am from the family that will care about you and won't hurt you.
I'm from the family where religion was brought from the hard times.
I'm from a country called Uzbekistan.
I'm from the city Tashkent.
I'm from an apple tree.
I'm from the city school.
I'm from a street where rich people lived.
I'm from Shtanir that tried to help people.
I'm from a family where miracles happen.
I'm from from a big family.
I'm from University Hospital.
I'm from the word that my dad spoke out.
I'm from Yella songs.
I'm from the words," Где он."

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