Friday, October 23, 2009

I Am From

by Gennadiy S., Age 19

I am from night walks
in city town
and park with benches
and theater

I am from Odessa
and Black Sea
with beach
and so many crowds on it

I'm from a mountain
and a river
and cow on land
and rabbits

I am from a house with a stove
and smoke from it
and Grandma with fresh bread
and plov and borscht

I am from loud people in the market
and joke-filled language
from Ukrainian habits

I am from a big yard
and many roses around it
from a small garden
with a swing
I am from a land
and small too-green trees on it
from a railroad
and train with a too-loud horn

I am from a street
with Va, my friend
from Shurik with a guitar
and a dog that sleeps the whole time

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