Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Am From

by a Portland high school student, age 14

I am from heavy snow,
dark nights,
deep forests with trees whose tops
you can't see.

I am from my Grandparents'
with small windows and small doors
I am from my school from the Ukraine,
I am from my dog from Ukraine,
big and strong.

I am from my 1st-4th grade classmates,
who I had fun with.

I am from large empty
lands filled with green
grass and nature, beauty.

I am from cold winters and
hot summers.

I am from deep heavy snow
where kids have fun every winter.

I am from old and bad
looking cars that always break.

I am from big houses down
on our street.

I am from a place where a lot of people would enjoy
living a part of their lives.

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