Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thoughts on how we want to be seen

by Yana Yukhimchuk, age 16
photo by Liliya Khylchuk

I want people to view the Slavic community as nice, generous, smart people, not obnoxious, mischievous cheaters. I want people to see us for the hard workers that we are. We are very creative, intellectual people.

There are a lot of habits that we brought to America from our home country. For example, farming, fixing cars, building construction, and our religion.

Back in Russia and Ukraine, we were raised in a culture where everyone built their own homes and most farmed, meaning they didn't have to waste much on food, because almost everything was home grown. This shows that we're hardworking people. Also, we are helpful because everyone was always helping each other out. We brought this lifestyle here with us.

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